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An Incident In A Jungle Clearing

The world comes back into focus soon enough. Dan’s standing with his rifle in his hands, the thunderclap of it still echoing in the branches of the tallest trees. He looks over at me with a feverish, half-way grin. “Well, you saw him. He had

"Two Grannies" by Douglas Noble

Applicant Remains and Advice on Disposal

The remains of applicants for cremation can be collected from the crematorium on the next working day following the cremation, by which time the ashes will be reduced sufficiently to be easily carried away. For larger applicants, or group cremations, further time should be left

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Survivor Cuisine

Let’s get this out of the way before you come out and say it, because you always end up saying it: it’s not cannibalism. I don’t know why we always end up going to that, but really it’s not that, not really. Sure, it’s not

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Susan Slade’s Busiest Year

Susan Slade always made an impression. They used to say that fire followed her, but that’s only because she wore her red hair long. Walking in the wind she looked like autumn in fast forward. In spring the autumn had seemed far off, as it

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Stone On Sand

Now, everyone that I’ve shown it to tells me that it’s amazing. It’s just a picture of a beach, really, but there’s that feature. That thing right there. It’s a rock, but so smooth and so round that it looks like something that fell from