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Pitter Patter

It was dark all the time. The house was cold. He found that he looked at their photograph constantly, even when he didn’t want to. When the morning light came through and hit his face, he’d wake up still drunk with the photo in his

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Hunter’s Flight

“You’re, what, an eight?” “I’m a nine.” “Come with me if you want to live to ten.” “How do you know where we’re going? You’re so young…” “I’m short for a seven. No big deal.” “Your bow… You can hunt?” “I can fight. I can

"Two Grannies" by Douglas Noble

Relics, or Tin Can Collection

Item 1: Hospital blanket, bloodied. Item 2: Lock of baby hair, blonde. Item 24: Favourite childhood toy (“Gah Bah”), small plush ‘Garfield’ doll. Eyes missing. Item 521: Homemade kite, retrieved from tree. String broken. Item 1401: First pet, ‘Woofy’. Kelpie-terrier cross. Brown fur. Deceased. Item

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Flavor Text, or Man Yelling On A Street Corner

Hey, you! Yes, you! Try MEAT. It’s not cannibalism. Don’t believe the propaganda. Did you know that human beings have been eating the flesh of mammals for thousands upon thousands of solar rotational cycles? It’s true! There’s no stigma attached to MEAT. Our MEAT is

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He doesn’t do it for the attention. That’s what they want you to think: that he’s sick in the head. That he’s starved for human contact. That Daddy beat him. It ain’t that way at all. He’s loved, and he loves in return. His adoptive

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There wasn’t another living soul on the beach. He had fond memories of this place. They’d come here on a jet plane, he and the others. A beach to play on. A beach to feel the warmth of the sun through your eyelids. A beach