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Rear View Mirror

The house grew old with my father, but in the end it outlived him. Now the task of clearing out his belongings has fallen to me, since Greg is in Canada and Susan is… well, let’s be frank, Susan is insane. It’s weird – there

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No More Mercy Street

For dinner, Jessica had Turkey Twizzlers, potato croquettes, and garden peas, followed by tinned peaches and squirty cream, with a cup of Earl Grey to wash it all down. Just like the English. Then she went outside to sit on the bench and wait for

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Shooting People Is Good

Be honest now – you all wanted to shoot somebody today. Maybe it was your boyfriend, or that dude cut you up on the freeway. Maybe it was a politician – lord knows Lee Harvey set every one of us an example with that. Maybe

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To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

“What’ll it be, bud?” “Whisky. Doubles. Line ‘em up. And keep ‘em coming till I tell you otherwise.” “Sure thing, pal… It’s a woman, right?” “Ha! No. No, it’s not a woman. It’s not a woman… it’s all of them, man. Every single… Look, you

The Morning After by David Baillie

I Blame Rod Serling

It was Rod Serling that did it. Teri bought me those old Twilight Zones on DVD for Christmas, and I can’t… I find them almost too painful to watch. Because the first time I saw them, I was someone else entirely. I was eighteen, living

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Stephen Kennedy likes to spit in my face. No, there’s more to it than that. Him and his mates – Mike Dennings, Mike Tucker, Benny… I don’t even know that Benny kid’s surname – they like to get me down on the ground, soften me