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On Tuesday the 23rd of September, 2008, at precisely 10.45 in the morning, it happened. Every man on planet Earth went blind, and it all started with Dan. Daniel Tull, 27 years old, from Leeds, West Yorkshire. He was the first male to lose his

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Suffer Little Children

“So…” “So…?” “Thanks for meeting me here.” “That’s OK. I could have picked you up though. It was on my way.” “Yeah… no. That wouldn’t have been a good… No.” “Are you OK?” “What do you want to drink? I’m buying.” “No, I’ll get these—“

"Two Grannies" by Douglas Noble


Once there were two grannies with one beautiful granddaughter. Her name was Alyson, her hair was the colour of Gold Blend, and she sang Pink songs wherever she went. (Hearing an eight year-old screech, ‘Teachers dated me – my parents hated me’ or indeed, ‘Push

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Breakfast At Epiphany’s

“So – on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is ‘awake all night’ and 10 is ‘slept like a log’, how would you grade last night’s sleep?” She was sitting on the chair by the open window wearing Ollie’s Destroy Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Fahrenheit 452

The flames rise all around her. Fumbling. Licking. Fingering. She screams and I smile. When someone you love loves someone else more, it does strange things to your mind. I’m not proud of the person I’ve become these last few years, Michael, don’t ever think

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Brontide Beach

You remember Brontide Beach, Terry? Running barefoot down the boardwalk and sinking our toes in the sand? Playing pinball in the amusement park till the bleeps and whirls were scored into our skulls? Watching the girls in their summer dresses getting hussled by the uptown