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Watching From the Trees…

I think its the squirrels. I think they’re trying to drive me mad. Every day its another present, wrapped and left on the doorstep. Every day something different. Today, it’s a bottle of sauce. Yesterday it was a pint of milk. Always something different, but

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Its the look in her eye.

I’m often asked how i deal with my demons. After all, I’ve got enough of them – the drink, the drugs, the women. The banks, I guess, given that the other three seem to involve spending money I don’t always – strictly speaking – have.

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“Hi! It’s just me…” I click the message off again, but my finger hands over the button and I can’t force myself to move it, paralysed by her voice. It’s been a week now, and I still  can’t get through it. I breathe, and tear

"Bibletown" by Dan Lester


“It doesn’t matter what it actually is”, she leaned back in the chair, gesturing with the coffee cup. “It’s what it represents. It’s the past, a legacy moment. Something from the rear-view mirror. So why should we care?”