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The Morning After by David Baillie

The Bus Stop to Damascus

The bus had parked at Tim Willice’s stop, outside of the weird little cave he called a house. There was a cone on the walkway, warning people away from the pile of weird shit Tim’s parents had put out for some poor garbage man. Tim

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Late Night Snack of the Sea

It had been rough seas above, and I had come down to the ship’s kitchen for the strength-giving meat I’d need for next watch. Wind and rain and an empty stomach conspired to put me in a foul mood when I set eyes on the

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Waitin’ On The King of Terror

I wrote an article about Nostradamus for the school paper once. It was right after 9/11. I had heard someone on some show saying something about Nostradamus predicting it. One of those retroactive “ohh, the “firey heaven death king is a plane, I get it

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Something About This City

I didn’t bring a camera. That’s for tourists. And we’re not tourists. We’re not here for a vacation. This is business. Prep work, actually, getting the feel of the area before we have to come here on Real Business. My gut tells me that the

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Hope In The Time Of DD

We were doing house sweeps, a few weeks after the DD had swept through the town. We were keeping an eye out for survivors, but it was kind of half-hearted, I have to admit. We’d all seen what DD did to people, what it had