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Red Brick Learns a Lesson in Humility

Red Brick was on his Warrior’s Pilgrimage. This was a scared and holy journey, where the Fighting Acolytes, having grown out of their stumbling, earnest childhoods, were sent into the world to learn from it and hone their Fighting Talents. (That they were sent on

"Two Grannies" by Douglas Noble

Two Treasure Tins

You learned to mark things early on, when you lived in the station. Write your name on things with a marker, put some kind of decal on it, whatever. Because all your neighbors were scavengers, and would see nothing wrong with lifting something while it

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Job Satisfaction v. Customer Satisfaction

There’s something I always liked about cooking. Dunno what it is, exactly, just that cooking’s always had a je ne sais quoi to it that I’ve dug. That said, I don’t really cook; you couldn’t call it proper cooking. I just throw meat and seasoning

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Flaming Trick Shots

My dad used to have a barrel that he’d burn leaves in, scrap wood, miscellaneous other junk in. He’d throw the stuff in there, pour some gasoline in (or maybe lighter fluid, I dunno. S’all the same, isn’t it?) and light it up through a

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What I Do

I didn’t drink in college. Barely went to any parties. I kept my heads in the books and my nose clean. My dad had been in the city when The Monster attacked, y’know. He survived, thank God, but he was never the same. When I