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Into The Light

He watched her walk back into the light, as always his heart broke a little, wondering if this would be the last time he’d watch her leave. They’d met here, in this place between the light and darkness, every year for a thousand years. He

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The Road Less Travelled

He’d been walking for some time, the path had been long and straight and clear and so far it had taken him exactly where he wanted to go. Now, however, things were different. The path he’d been on continued off into the distance, still straight,

"Saturday Night" by Suzi Rose

Broken Wings

Awake…again. Sober…again. I slowly sit up, the sunlight fighting a war against my mind. For some reason my eyelids seem ineffective against its vicious invasion. With the morning’s bitter attack of sobriety comes the realisation that the pain that is usually so effectively masked by

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Little Girl

They’d left Liverpool full of hope. The journey across the Atlantic had been somewhat traumatic, mostly spent below decks while his wife was violently sick. The sea, it would seem, did not agree with her, or, rather, she did not agree with it. The child,

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Between The Lines

Dear Momma, I’m sure that by the time you read this letter ya’ll have noticed that I’m gone. Please don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Bobby and me had to get away so we could be together. I wish you could see the sun set

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Peach Sunday Decadence

Sundays were always a day to indulge herself. They were lazy days with a big meal in the middle that left her feeling full and tired for the rest of the day. She always felt guilty for having that second helping of pudding, but someone