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Asian Elephant by Tomo Yun

The Path

Riding to the temple on the back of the Heruanth was always the highlight of her day. Her body swayed to match the undulations of the body of the beast as it slowly plodded through the jungle.

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The Weed

“What you have to understand,” he sighed heavily, air slowly escaping ancient lungs as he filled the dank air with the stench of his fetid breath, “is that Sam Turner continues to be an unacceptable hindrance to our operation.” “Which…um…which one?” Miles replied. He was

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Temporal Flux

“An ice cave!” huffed Kate, through chattering teeth. “You couldn’t have told me that we’d be in an ice cave? I would have dressed more appropriately…or at least worn a jacket.” “I didn’t know we’d end up in an ice cave, did I?” Sam grumbled.

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Hello Me.

A warm Spring breeze ruffled hair that used to be blond but now wasn’t quite so sure. It was increasingly grey these days, anyway, a matter that simultaneously pleased him and bothered him. A black leather trench coat, three day’s stubble and a half smoked

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She’s My Wife Now

“So, you’re a grown man who plays with toys?” she asked him, raising one eyebrow in a curious yet condescending manner. “Well, I don’t so much play with them as just, you know, look at them,” he shrugged. “I keep them on display, I just

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He watched the dark red spots of blood stain the soiled green notes that spread out on the floor before him. Trying to ignore the pain in his knees and the throbbing of his bleeding nose he struggled to his feet, only to be met