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"Map" by Amanda Bird

The Six Dots

At least the human whose office she was in was just as stumped, but then again, they couldn’t see or hear her kind which put them at a distinct disadvantage.

"Swimming Pool" by Ian Britton

Barely A Splash

Her lithe body barely caused a splash as it entered the water, dappled sunlight criss-crossed her tanned skin and the white material of her two-piece swimsuit as the momentum of her dive sped her across the pool.

Asian Elephant by Tomo Yun

Never Forget

“What’s that Grandad?”
The old man smiled,
“That’s an elephant”
“El-e-phant” she repeated slowly, as if examining the feeling of this new word in her mouth, “It looks scary!”
She snuggled into the old man’s side and grabbed a fist full of her own auburn hair, running it through her chubby fingers.