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Pretty lady walking down the Parisian street, Artists swoon and bow at her feet, They ask her if she’ll be their muse, Her gorgeous face they’d like to use. She doesn’t have time to stop and pose, This fills the artists’ heart with woes. They

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WTF? – Who’s the fatty? WTF – Where’s the funk? WTF? – What’s the fuss? WTF. – When titans fall. WTF? – Why the frenzy? WTF. – World’s toughest female. WTF! – Warn the folks! WTF! – World title fight! WTF. – Welcome to Facebook.

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Best friends, worst friends

We’ve been friends since childhood, We’ve both changed for the good. I’ve learnt to relax and wait, You’ve learnt to anticipate. But as we change we drift away, What makes us distant is hard to say. You used to be my best friend, But all

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Panic attack

Faster and faster her heart beat was racing. Quicker and quicker the world was spinning. Gasping for air as the tears started rolling. On a busy street yet so alone. Not a soul seemed to stop, seemed to notice. As she crumpled to the ground,

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Room with a view

‘I don’t want to get up today’, Is what Helen used to say. She hated the morning, Always fighting and yawning. ‘Just five more minutes please!’ The snooze button was such a tease. Helen vowed the morning would be her friend, Some how, some way,

"Last Light" by Don McCullough


She waited anxiously for her lover to appear, Their love was forbidden so they lived in constant fear. Two families, hard in hatred set at war. Not only against family, but race and more. Like Romeo and Juliet on speed, This was a union of