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"Map" by Amanda Bird

Appointment With Phil

“What was it this time?” asked Phil.
“Gravity disturbance” said Preston, “you remember that house on Wearside road? Like that, but a different direction in every room.”

Asian Elephant by Tomo Yun

Forbidden Fruit

Elijah looked at the baby elephant. He envied it’s energy and enthusiasm. So unlike it’s parent, who moved glacially beside it in the zoo enclosure. He felt more like the old one; grey, wrinkly, full of memories that would never go away no matter how much he’d like them to. An elephant never forgets; neither does an old spy.

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Blind Date

“What an eyeful!” She resists the urge to walk away. These British always try so hard to be funny. He looks at her, a smug little smile on his face, expectant. She doesn’t give him the satisfaction of a visible acknowledgement of the line. The