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Hiking to the Observatory

“This path had better get us there. Or else.” “Or else what?” “Or else…or else I will…I will feed you to the zombies, I don’t know. Why can’t you just let an ‘or else’ be an ‘or else’? Use your imagination.” “I needed to know

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Dance With Me

“I thought there’d be more guys here. I mean, isn’t that what Ladies’ Night is all about? Bait for boys? I don’t care, I guess. Cheap drinks! Woo!” “That’s why I asked you to come with. These gals from work. Pfft. I mean, maybe we’ll

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Last Call

I despise hotel rooms above all other places. Even public restrooms or hospitals or really old houses aren’t as bad as all this. But then that’s why I’ve come here, isn’t it? You think you can do whatever you want and just walk away, and