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Hi all,

Most of you have noticed that the Elephant Words website has been connected to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for a little while now. We’ve been experimenting with some of the plugins recently and it’s pretty much settled in now – thanks to those of you who have been helping with this and is resulting in a little more traffic coming to the site and more readers for all of us!

For those unsure what I’m talking about(!) we can share your posts on social media after you’ve posted them, but it gets far better results if they are shared by you at the time they’re published, so below is a short tutorial on how we’d like the system to be used.


Using Elephant Words’ Social Media Plugin

>> Create your post as usual

1. Create new post as usual, do your editing etc and make sure you’re happy with it. It’s absolutely fine to save the draft and come back to it later, or even to post-date your story so that it’s published a few days later. Nothing will be broadcast on Social Media until it’s actually published. At this point it will look something like the screengrab below.


2. You’ll see at the top on the right-hand side a Social Broadcasting box – with yes/no selectors to ‘Broadcast Post’ – this should always be set to Yes.

3. Ensure also that it’s correctly categorised under either [Elephant Words] or [Elephant Pictures]

4. Now click on the [Publish] button, and you will be taken to the Social Broadcast screen which will look a little like the below.


>> Select ‘Broadcast Post’

>> Select ‘Elephant Words’ / ‘Elephant Pictures’

>> Click Publish and go to Social Broadcast screen

From this screen, you are now able to post directly to the EW Twitter & Facebook accounts. The system is set up to automatically populate these broadcast posts, though you are able to edit some of the details here if you spot something that looks odd. The most common edit you will make, is to add your own twitter handle so that you’re mentioned in the tweet, or edit your username if it’s a little unclear.

>> Edit text of Broadcasts if necessary

5. Add your twitter handle to the Twitter post and make any other required edits (Note – You will probably never need to do any more than this, but sometimes if there are symbols like brackets or dashes in the title, this can look confusing and changing the punctuation a little tidies it up.)After your edits, it will look something like the below.



6. Once you hit [Publish] from here, it will publish the piece to the main Elephant Words website, as well as sending the broadcast to post on Facebook and Twitter, which will look like this on Twitter…

and like this on Facebook…
>> Click Publish and you’re done!
Once or twice a week, one of us goes through the posts and tidies them up, including properly tagging the authors, so that they show up on your own Facebook wall – and in your friends’ newsfeeds. That’s it!

>> Add elephantwords on Twitter and Facebook

7. Oh – if you have Twitter or Facebook accounts, please follow us at @elephantwords and like us at facebook.com/elephantwords.

Hope that makes sense!!

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