Soul Mate 2.0

Welcome to Love-Match! We know you have a choice of many providers and we are so pleased to receive your business.

We understand just how darn tricky it is to find The One and we think you’ll find that our services are carried out with your dignity and happiness in mind.

The number one problem in human relationships is humans, amiright!   Love-Match has solved that pesky problem.

Our patent-pending system automates love on your terms. Just fill out a detailed questionnaire about your ideal mate, we then draw up specifications and send them off to our state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham for manufacturing. Your new mate is delivered to your door within one week! How about that!

As if this day couldn’t get any better, guess what, we’re having a one day sale!

For an amazing 15% discount off our standard price of £37,250.85 you can purchase one of these floor models with just a few slight unique characteristics. These Love-Match floor models don’t currently have faces but they are fully operational in every other way.

Please feel free to browse.

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Pearl Grey

Pearl Grey fled America in 2008 and followed a little star in the sky until she reached London which seemed like a decent place to stay for a while. She can be found toiling in the City and pottering around Walthamstow.

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