Beginning To See The Light

Click for soundtrack : Beginning To See The Light – The Velvet Underground


You’d Cry

“You’d cry at some of the things I’ve seen with these old eyes; cry and laugh and learn to love the universe, doctor.”

“I’m sure. But you’re blind now, so get used to it.”


Stan’s Albert

There once was a Stan with an Albert
Who winced when he ruffled his trouser
He should have gone pro
For a piercing so low
This was no place for amateur hour


Blue Eyes Taupin

“Baby’s got blue eyes, like a deep blue sea on a blue blue day.”

Seriously? This is the kind of shit I get when Bernie stops talking to me? Of course I’ll make something out of it, but somebody send Taupin some getoveryourself flowers, for fuck’s sake.



“Ow! You git.”


Albert O’Stan

There once was an Albert of Stan’s
Which had been pierced at an angle to hang
Down his left trouser leg
Like the tailor had said
But the mirror confused Stan’s right and left, so he’d angled it wrong and now it chafed when he walked



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