Still Out of Control

I’m usually supportive of your hobbies but this one is getting out of control.

I mean, I thought the still was a good idea, and after that first incident with it, what we got out of it was pretty good stuff. Slightly flammable, and the dog will never trust us again, but certainly good enough to give out for christmas to the unwary.

But scaling up, in our building was never going to work.

I know Harold said you could use the spare room in his flat but I’m not sure he meant you could knock through the floor. He never really spoken to me since.

No, I don’t know how else you would get water from that roof tank, but I’m not sure the roof tank was really necessary. Although I’m not sure how we would have paid off Harold if you’d not been able to sell all that booze on the internet.

Alright, we probably couldn’t have taken that holiday either.

But once that was sorted out why did we have to keep expanding here?

The flat was cheap because Harold moved out because someone had knocked through his floor! I don’t care how much you saved on pipe-lagging.

Hang on you still ran that pipe up the outs…oh right. it’s a chimney. And the one of the roof?

No, the other one.

Really? If you say so.

Well I’m glad you have a plan. But I still don’t see why you couldn’t y’know, rent somewhere to build all of this.

Oh right. Because then it wouldn’t be just a hobby, and not as fun.

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