Sun Over The Sea

Have you ever seen a sunrise or sunset over the ocean?  No.  It’s fucking amazing man.

Yeah I know, thats what everybody says; amazing, beautiful, magical, but ahh magical is the proper word.  It’s such a common theme for us, for mankind I mean, humanity.  It…, I don’t know, it touches a spot inside us.

Yeah you know the spot.  Its the same one that gets softly blown upon when a piece of music takes you.  It’s a passionate spot, a spot in the brain, or the soul, or the heart, or maybe all three.  Conjoined in a moment of blissful perfection, moving in sync, unified and pulling the very fibre of your being into that one magical connection.




I just wondered why it takes us that way, like magic.  Then I found out.

Have you ever heard of the sunset people.  Rumour says that they live here amongst us, that they share the very same space  we do.  How is that possible? Sharing the same space, our lives intertwining and we oblivious to it all.  Are they invisible, can they see us?

My source tells me it’s all down to their speed, they move so fast, these sunset people, that we simply do not see them, and to them we in turn move so slowly that we appear as the stationary ruins of an ancient world.

Imagine that, but there is a time, and a place when we can see these people.  Everytime the sun sets over the sea.  It’s the light, or the wavelength of light at least.  Something about light in the red spectrum, reflecting from the atmosphere down onto the waters of the oceans and back onto the shore, it does something.

Something changes, the spell is cast, on them or on us, who knows, perhaps both.  We step into rhythm, we start to move to the same beat; to perceive each other, to come together, to dance, to meet, to talk, and perhaps even to love, to bear children, children who would be of both worlds.

Who knows, how long this has been going on, who knows how much of the human population are children, or grand children of the sunset people?

Or that’s what Joe down the boozer says, but I don’t know if I believe him, he is a bit of a pisshead.






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