The Button

The two of us stood in silence. I shivered, but not for the cold.

The button was mounted on the wall in front of us. A cold metal fitting surrounded the button, and it looked threatening. It’d felt cool to the touch as I’d pushed it, the green light pulsed bright as I made contact.

We waited.

“Should we push it again?” Gemma said, quietly. She looked apprehensive, brushing long blonde hair out of her eyes as she looked across at me.  We’d expected the response to be a little more immediate and now we’d made our decision we were stuck here.

I was the more rational of the two of us, and swallowed my nerves: “Once is enough. Be patient. It’ll happen.” my voice was raw, dry. It had been a long day and it could only get longer from here.

Gemma took a step closer to the button, I tensed slightly “it’ll happen” I muttered, looking across.

We locked eyes, she stepped forwards again towards the button. Hand brushing against the cool metallic surface. “Just once more” she said with finally, pushing on the button. The green light flickered and remained bright, the noise of machinery filled the room around us. I smirked, uneasily.

The machinery ground to a halt. With a ping, the elevator doors opened.

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