She waited anxiously for her lover to appear,

Their love was forbidden so they lived in constant fear.

Two families, hard in hatred set at war.

Not only against family, but race and more.

Like Romeo and Juliet on speed,

This was a union of another creed.

So she waited as the lamp light flickered,

Waited as it faded, her beat beat getting quicker.

Each passing moment brought more danger,

To her lover, to her, by family or by stranger.

The darkness was their getaway,

But it was not a safe place to stay.

She started to worry, started to fret,

Would her lover show up yet?

What could’ve happened, what would the family do?

Could her lovers family really follow through?

Just as the last light started to die,

Her lover appeared and she let out a sigh.

The two embraced but quickly fled,

They would be together, alive or dead.

So into the night they soon did fade,

The daughter of a master and the daughter of a maid.


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