The Legacy.

There are three hundred and forty seven boxes in the room. The contents of each one is unique.

A cigarette lighter, a five pence piece, a single human fingernail.

The room was discovered after the owner of the house, a Mr Genevieve, died of a heart attack. He died alone at home in an armchair in his living room, and was only found when neighbours reported the smell. He was 67.

A postage stamp, a dead ladybird, three unused but separated staples.

No one knows what the boxes were for. Mr Genevieve had no surviving relatives, and so far as anyone can tell he had no friends. He never spoke to his neighbours, and said no more to the staff in the shops he frequented than absolutely necessary.

A single shoelace.

When the house was sold, the new owners decided to keep the room as it was, preserving the boxes as a museum of sorts. A curiosity. During the summer they opened the room up for visitors at weekends.

A metal nail, an inch and a half long; two pieces of unchewed gum.

Three years after moving in, the new residents decided to renovate the cellar to create a home cinema area.

Three paperclips, unfolded and pulled straight.

In the process of the renovation, the workmen discovered a human skeleton buried in the foundations. It had been there roughly twenty years, since shortly after Mr Genevieve moved in. It was a male, estimated to be in his mid to late forties at time of death. He remains unidentified.

A photo slide of a young woman and a baby. She is standing in a garden, her clothing suggests the photo was taken at some point in the 1970s. She holds the baby in her arms. Her face is partially obscured by her hair. She remains unidentified. This box also contains a Scottish five pound note with a neat hole an inch across burned at it’s centre.

No other bodies have ever been discovered on the site, nor at any of Mr Genevieve’s previous addresses. The case remains unsolved.


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David Wynne

David Wynne

David Wynne is a cartoonist from south east London now living in Hove. He likes loud music and probably drinks more than he should. He tries to be nice. He really does try.

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