I don’t know where the resignation came from; it’s odd and not really in either of our characters to sit and allow things to happen, but I guess some things just can’t be thought around. So sitting is exactly what we did; in the baby’s room with the balcony doors wide open for the first time since she started to crawl. The mayhem on the streets seemed distant and fictitious, and after the broadcasts stopped, making cups of teas and sandwiches and playing with bricks on a picnic blanket seemed to somehow be a sensible choice.

All the news reports had said not to look directly at it. I don’t know why, really – being blind for a short while if it’s going to be the end doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in the bigger picture. But as it turned out our eyes were fine. And we had a good view from up here, which I guess is the flipside of being so far away from any kind of underground shelter. We were practically looking down on it.

You could barely see it coming through the fluffy clouds. There was a momentary peace as it made ground and as the cloud mushroomed skyward, and you could see a wave of.. I’m not sure how to describe it.. you couldn’t see the actual wave, but the world just kind of paused in concentric rings moving outward from the Tesco on the ring road.

We saw its effect rolling in toward the centre of town and then the massive pressure on our ears which quickly passed. That was when Dawn sat suddenly upright, but it only took a little eyebrow-waggling and nose-poking to quell her ‘should I be crying now or is everything OK?’ expression. And then we poured some more tea and waited.



Soundtrack: The Orb – Perpetual Dawn – Solar Youth Mix

This piece inspired by an Elephant Words image originally posted at http://elephantwords.co.uk/2014/06/29/building-blocks/.

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