Nathan admired his handiwork. It had taken all morning, but it had been worth it. The castle stood proudly in the middle of his bedroom, it’s central tower reaching a full four feet, almost as tall as he was. resplendent in the bright primary colours of the plastic blocks Nathan had been carefully assembling all morning.

Now it was time to add the finishing touch. After all, what’s a castle without people to live in it?

“House, can I have my action figures please?”

A box roughly a foot square, mounted on chunky little wheels, rolled over to Nathan from it’s home in the corner, and popped open it’s lid for Nathan’s perusal.

He considered the contents. He knew that for a castle he ought to pick the Knights Of Galaxia, or at least Krungorr the Savage. But he couldn’t resist picking his favourites. He reached into the box and scooped up the Hero Alliance- Volcanoman, Electrika and The Living Comet- before diving back in for their arch nemeses, the Attaxis- Evil Eye, Badface and Trollman. He arranged the stiff little figures on the floor in front of him, then reached one more time into the box, retrieving a small console controller.

He swiped his fingers around a few times on the screen of the console, and Volcanoman sat up. A few more swipes and they all stood, awaiting their master’s voice.

“Heroes, this is your castle!” Nathan gestured at his masterpiece, “villains- you want the castle!”

Volcanoman and Electrika swiftly climbed to high vantage points on the structure, while The Living Comet took up position in front of the gate. Evil Eye and his henchmen waiting patiently for them to get into position. Badface sighed. They all knew what was coming next. They played out variations on this scenario every day at the command of their 7 year old owner. He only ever really wanted one thing. Trollman had lost an arm last time.

Nathan smiled maniacally, and raised his hands above his head. The anticipation was too much. “Now… Fight!”

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David Wynne

David Wynne

David Wynne is a cartoonist from south east London now living in Hove. He likes loud music and probably drinks more than he should. He tries to be nice. He really does try.

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