Super-Marine Terrorist Annihilator ™

Hey little Johnny, are you scared of terrorists?

Are you afraid that bearded Islamic insurgents will slaughter your mommy and daddy in the night and wear their skin as robes?

Well worry no more hero, because the Super-Marine Terrorist Annihilator ™ action figure is here.

The new Super-Marine Terrorist Annihilator ™ (from Banzai) has fully moveable parts and comes complete with awesome full combat camoflague. His replica M27 IAR light machine gun fires real bullets – Take that terrorist! And this super-patriot even has his own (patented) voice-activated kill command – Die extremist scum!

Also available; Afghanistan Cave Recon Terrorist Annihilator ™ with glow-in-the-dark eyes and realistic terrorist infiltration beard, and Guantanamo Terrorist Annihilator ™ with authentic water-boarding kit.

At only £49.99 national security has never been cheaper, so, little Johnny, buy your Super-Marine Terrorist Annihilator ™ action figure today and join the fight against terrorism.

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