So many plagues, never enough time

“Hi love, I bought you a cup of coffee. What’re you doing up so late?”
“Oh, just, you know, creating some plagues.”
“Yeah, it’s just a bit of work, some stuff for this ‘Earth’ thing. I’ve, uh, just got to create a few new plagues to unleash.”
“Um, ok, but didn’t you already kinda drown most of them already?
“Uh, yeah, I did, but I sort of promised Moses that’d I’d help him out with this little problem that he’s got down there.”
“Moses! Again! Seriously! Is he not big enough to sort out his own problems?”
“Look, I’m just, I’m just trying to be a good friend, that’s all.”
“Ok, whatever. Just as long as you’re ready for lunch tomorrow I really don’t give a damn.”
“What? Why? What’re we doing?”
“Oh, for fucks sake! We’re going to my mum’s for lunch, remember. I’ve told you like a million times already, and it’s on the calendar. Do you ever listen to a word I say?”
“Yeah, I do hun, honestly, it’s just that I’m a bit busy, you know. I’ve got another eight of these to make and the last one was just all these frogs who didn’t really do anything, and Moses really…
“So what’re you saying?”
“I mean, are you telling me that you’re not going to come with me to mum’s for lunch tomorrow because you’re too busy working on some silly boys project?”
“Well. I suppose. Yes.”
“Oh, fuck you then!”
“Hey! Fuck! That’s a bit harsh. It takes a long time to perfect a plague, you know. You’ve got to think about volume, density, coverage, all these diff..
“Do I look like I give a shit?”
“No, but..”
“I’m going to bed. Don’t even think about coming up, you can have the couch tonight.”
Oh, come on hun, where are you going? Hun? …. Fucking frogs!

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