Buddha Shorts

Be the envy of your Sangha with the new ‘Buddha G Sound System ™,’ a revolutionary pathway to aural Nirvana. Our patented ‘body-phone chakra pads,’ designed by real Buddhist Monks, have been carefully woven from authentic Tibetan prayer flags and come in a variety of shades of orange, each guaranteed to enhance your sonic pleasure centres.
With each purchase you also will receive an exclusive signed photo of the Dalai Lama (in a never-before-seen pose) as well as a beautifully crafted statue of the golden Buddha (not actual gold!). So remember, although you can’t buy your way out of Samsara, you can buy the next best thing, the ‘Buddha G Sound System ™,’ And now, with the simple eight-step payment plan, enlightenment of your soul has never been so cheap.

“Dave. Dave, come here.”
“Just come here will you.”
“But I’m sorting out the…”
“Oh for fuck’s sake Dave, will you just come here please?”

“What is it?”
“That guys still there.”
“What guy?”
“You know, the guy that was here yesterday. The one sat under the tree at the top of the field. The one you said would probably be gone in the morning.”
“Oh yeah, so he is.”
“So what?”
“So what are we going to do about him?”
“Well, we don’t have to do anything, do we? He’s not hurting anyone or anything, and anyway, he’ll probably be gone by this afternoon.”
“That’s exactly what you said yesterday Dave”
“God, he must have been bloody freezing last night.”
“Can you just sort it please? He’s freaking me out, just sitting there. He’s trespassing and I want him gone”
“Well, what do you want me to do about it?”
“I don’t’ know, be a man Dave. Go up there and ask him to leave, just sort it out.”
“Do you think he wants some food, he must be starving?”
“No Dave! I don’t care if he’s hungry, I just want him out of our field. O.K”
“O.K. I’ll just put my wellies on.”
“Good. Thank you. That’s all I wanted.”

“Dave! Dave!”
“What now?”
“Don’t stand there chatting for ages. You’ve still got the front room to sort out.”

In Tengboche
Monks sit cross-legged
On wooden planks

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