He’s the one

It’s Friday night, and here I am sitting at home, cat on lap, coffee in hand, shit on the TV and I’m feeling content. Today has been a nightmare really, all the other girls at work have been proper bitches, “Ohh look at him Sue.” That was Teri, such a stuck up cow.

So, there’s a new bloke at work, and yes he is the only fit man there, so what. And yes I do quite like the look of him, but for fuck’s sake he’s what, twelve? Hah and Mary wasn’t any better! She’s all like, “If only I was 10 years younger” Hahahah, more like thirty years you old biddy, man she’s old enough to be my mother!

Anyway, I’m at home now, let’s just forget about work. I’m all settled in, I got me a cat who loves me, and I think he’s okay too; young enough to be playful and old enough to like a snuggle-up on the lap; Charlie I call him, heh yeah okay, after my brother, and okay I’ll admit it, it is because they both have ginger hair, hehe or should that be fur?

Talk of the devil, I bet that’s him on the blower now.

“Hello Page residence”
“Leave it out sis,”
“Yo bro, how’s it go”
“Hey Sue, that’s better, you sound more like yourself”

Bloody little brothers, can’t live with them, can’t get an ex beat-up without them, heh.

“So lil bruv, what can I do you for?”
“Ohhh no Sue, more like what can I do for you. Listen sis, what you up to tonight?”
“Meh, nowt Chaz, why?”
“Have you eaten, fancy a ruby or something?”
“Naaa not a curry, but I could eat something I suppose”
“Cool, cool. Come on then suggest somewhere, my treat, I umm, I gotta talk to you about something”

Bloody hell, his treat he says, now when was the last time that happened?

“Charlie, are you okay, not in trouble or anything? Thing’s alright with you and Sharon?
“Sis, sis, it’s all gravy, but I have something that I know you’ll want to see”


“Okay then umm, how about Marcello’s?”
“Yeah, yeah, Italian, okay twenty minutes, meet you there, I’ll even stand you a G&T”

Fucking hell! He’s buying me booze now!

“Sure, make it thirty though, I got to get rid of cat hair and all that shit”
“Thirty it is sis, later then”

I wonder what all that’s about, scat cat, I got to go and get tarted up a little.

So here we are, plonk and grub on the table, mussels for him, clams for me, pasta for all heh. He’s got he’s his laptop on the table, I ruffle his hair; I just like doing it, little sisters huh!

“What’s the coupe then Chazmiester?”
“Watch this sis, and I’ll tell you”
What the fucks is this, not some porn I hope. Nope, a black and white video, just some bloke getting out of his car. Large fella, suited and booted, short graying hair, probably in his mid forties or something.

“What is this shi..”
“Shush sis just watch and I’ll tell you after”

Ohhh hark at him!

So this bloke jumps out of his car, I don’t know, a Citroen of some kind by the looks of it, walks towards the camera, see’s he’s being filmed, he looks angry and starts shouting. Now he’s walking forwards, presumably towards whoever is videoing him, shouts a bit more and starts running, no sound though.

Man I can really see his face now, red with anger, mouth all scrunched up, spittle, the whole lot, the camera man drops the thing, now all I can see is lap, and… and that’s it?

“What the fuck was all that about Charlie?”
“I hired a PI, I think that’s him”

He hired a PI?

“What do you mean, you hired a PI, to do what”
“You know, to find the fucker”
“You mean, him, you think he’s the one?”
“Sis I know it, our man has been following this bloke for three months now, I got audio tapes of him, I got pics, and much more video, we can go to the police with this, they’ll have to listen to us, that’s him, that’s the bastard that killed dad”

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