The important questions

“So why ponies?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why ponies? Who thought it was a good idea to take what’s essentially an undeveloped farm animal, paint it in camp colours, and then sell it as a toy?”

“Well, I never really thought about that. I mean, it’s a girl’s toy, isn’t it? Girls are supposed to love ponies, aren’t they?”

“I guess.”

“But you’re not convinced, are you?”

“Well, no, I’m not. Why are girls supposed to love ponies? And why are these ponies painted like this? And how come they have all those accessories, like that stable house and everything? I mean, what are little girls supposed to do? Are they supposed to groom them like they owned them, like they’re a really small version of a posh banker’s farmhands, or are they supposed to identify with them? And if they are, what the hell does that say for them? Are they told they’re supposed to be kept in a stable, to be groomed and pampered until… what? What do those ponies even do anyway? They’re not ridden, they’re not race ponies, they’re not pulling carriages or anything like that, so what are they telling little girls anyway? What’s the moral here? What’s the message?”

“You really didn’t want to come toy shopping with me today, huh?”

“I really, really didn’t.”

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