The view from Saturday

Last night I stayed on the top floor. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I haven’t been there for at least three months. The view was even more remarkable from up there. The thick fog that had formed yesterday made it look like the other buildings were disappearing into clouds.

In the three years since I moved into this building I’ve spent at least one night in every apartment. Of course, some of them have more than one bedroom, so I haven’t slept in every bed yet. Maybe I should make a checklist.

Sometimes I’ll make a playlist of music I don’t like, and put it on in the apartment next to the one I’m staying in, so I can imagine what it would be like to have neighbours. Other times I’ll put on a movie, something with lots of dialogue, so that through the walls it sounds like people talking.

When I first heard about the new city they were building, I was excited. Companies investing millions in new offices and skyscraper tower blocks for their employees. I was the first person I knew to put down a deposit. But then the money ran out halfway through, only half of the companies were able to set up offices here, and with no jobs the mass migration that was expected never occurred. I was left with an apartment I couldn’t sell, and forced to take a job paying half of what I could have gotten anywhere else.

By the rest of the country’s standards, the amount I paid for a one room apartment was ridiculous. But for an entire building, it’s incredibly cheap.


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