Dear Kitty

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Planet
Songdo City
South Korea

Dear Hello Kitty,

My name is Jenny Cooper. I am 8 and a half years old and I live in England. I love you so much that I went to your house in Korea to see you but you were not there. I saw somebody who looked like you but it was not you it was a man. I know this because I saw him take off his head and then he had a cigarette and went for a wee in the bushes. Mummy said it could not be you because you have much better manners. I think so too. We waited for hours but you did not come and it was cold. This made me sad. Mummy said you must be doing something really important like giving poor children food. I think that’s very nice.

We are home now and you can come for tea if you like. You will have a special place at the table next to mummy and me and I promise to leave a cup of milk and some food for you every day. Please come to tea. Even though you made me sad I still love you.

Your best friend ever
Jenny cooper. Eight and a half

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