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Tonight I took Myself off for a cross-town suburban walk. They’re regaining their trust in Me so I shook them off relatively easily, wrapped Myself in a long-coat and hat to keep the elements at bay, and set off in the direction of the centre of this southern town.

There was a time when a three-mile walk would seem like nothing, but recently it seems longer to everyone; they would have looked at Me quizzically if they knew I’d ignored half a dozen buses but I needed to get some wind in My fur tonight and use the pumping of My legs as a meditative rhythm.

Of course, I ended up in a pub. I often do when I walk in a city or a town. Sat by a smoked-out window with a glass of something in My hand, watching the people here but with the whole world on My mind. I needed space to think.

The time is almost here and although My strength is not fully restored, tomorrow I must get back to work. Life isn’t all there is, but it is the most complex of patterns and must be nudged and guided within My own boundaries to continue its journey. So I review the things that anger Me; the things I had to do and will have to do again if I’m to maintain the patterns and shape the entropy.

A new age begins tomorrow that they won’t notice for some time. A new age and here they stand, laughing and arguing about the most essential trivialities. I smile at them and in doing, restore another pattern. My children, every one. My attention, all of it. My power, every last ounce.

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