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“Oh, what a tangled web We weave, When first We practice to deceive!”

Marmion was right, but what he didn’t realise was that Deceit is the only thing that tangles a web. Remember that; Deceit is the only thing able to tangle the Truth.

The Truth can get complex, but never tangled, that’s not how I designed it; the science can get complicated, but not twisted; a story, a life, a galaxy, a spider’s web, they all have a pattern and a purpose, complex on the surface but simple and visible once the deceptions have been removed and no longer obscure the pattern.

A spider’s web, tattered and frozen in a December morning on a back street in Hampshire holds the same Truth as a harvested stem-cell in a petri dish in an industrial freezer in Kyoto; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Quintessence together hold the same truth as Seven Chakras, and the same Truth as 118 Chemical Elements.

As long as We do not lie to Ourselves, there will be nothing to untangle. As long as We do not allow Ourselves to be deceived, nothing will unravel because there will be nothing to unravel. We must simply look for, and be Truth, because the patterns are there for the seeing and the answers there for the listening. The questions are there for the asking and the prayers there for the answering.

We could start with the frosted Hampshire web and admire the elegance of a single twisted strand as a diagonal support, but know that because I made the pattern that made the spider that made the web, that the same dimensions will appear again and again. When you first saw Fibonacci for yourself in a pine-cone, you began to see it everywhere, and as with all Truth, it spread.

Whether you untie your shoe laces the same way each evening, always notice a full moon, or flick a light switch a prime number of times before you sleep, you are following My pattern. As am I.

You must just avoid Deceit. As must I.

When you are ready to show me the Truth, I will let you know it.




Extract from Marmion: Canto VI. – The Battle by Sir Walter Scott from r_Walter_Scott

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