Murders & Acquisitions

It was my brainchild. My idea. My imagination that sparked a million pound profit and a billion pound corporation. Mine. Not his. I only bought him along for the ride. That was my first mistake.

We met at uni. We were both IT students but I belonged, he didn’t. He was handsome and popular and confident, everything I wasn’t. Only he seemed to see that it was worth looking beyond my geeky exterior. No one could really understand why we were friends but we didn’t care. We got on so well the discrepancies didn’t matter. Well, not massively any way. The bigger problems came later.

Soon after we made it big, I realised that he was getting all the Media attention. If he wasn’t being witty on some panel show, he was being insightful on some day time interview or other. It irked slightly but I was used to him being the one people flocked around. The Board convinced me to let them put his face on all our literature and it was his cheesy grin that beamed out at you from every marketing campaign. “The public know and trust him” they told me. “Don’t worry, he’s just the figurehead. Everyone who counts knows you’re the brains”. Stupidly, I let it continue.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he started passing my ideas off as his own. Pub musings from the early days that he’d barely listened to. He’d just grunted at the time but suddenly they were spewing word perfect from his mouth when it counted. It was a trickle at first, with a wink to keep me reassured, but it soon became an unashamed flow. Before I knew what was happening, I was obsolete.

As the years passed and the corporation grew, people either thought I’d died or had never heard of me in the first place. I watched from the outside as he got richer and richer, the Media darling beloved by everybody. He took the one thing in our friendship that had been mine, the one adventure where I’d led and he’d followed. It’s too much for me to bear. Today, the corporation is merging with a big American company. It’s been all over the news, people are excited – he’s turned business in to rock ‘n’ roll. The signing’s going to take place in full view of the world, with a big press conference and an even bigger music concert either side. He always loved the spotlight. It’s only right that he dies in it.

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