The Song of the Sentinel


The blue glow is a good sign, synonymous with peacefulness and prosperity of a kind. We are allowed to rest under the blue light, but always there must be one who stays awake. An assigned sentinel whose sole purpose is to ensure the blue flame does not extinguish. Woes betide those who let the light go out on their watch, for they can never again be trusted. And thus it has ever been for the guardians of the pilot light, keepers of the great Machine, without whom there would be no life.

Our world grows cold and the flame more fragile each new time it is lost. The frustration of uncertain re-ignition increasingly hard to bear. This we brought upon ourselves the elders say. It is punishment for our part in the grand catastrophe. Now we live underground and we use what resources are left to us, with no knowledge of how long any of it will last.

We sleep under the blue light. In its gentle glow we dream while the Machine sings in our sleep. All will have peace tonight, but me. And I ask you, save a prayer. Keep me in your thoughts tonight, for it’s my turn.
I am the keeper of the light.


“And thus it has ever been
for guardians of the pilot-light,
keepers of the great Machine,
without whom there’d be no life.
save your prayers for me tonight
for its my job to keep the light”.

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