If This Is The End…

Well, this is it, I guess. Some would say we’ve had a good ride…humanity… But, I don’t know, it all seems like such a waste to me. I thought we’d reach out to the stars, explore the galaxy. I thought we’d make the universe ours. But no. It begins and ends here, on this little mud ball orbiting a nondescript star in the western spiral arm of the Milky Way. I doubt we’ll even warrant a footnote in galactic history.

Of course, I’m just waxing lyrical here, what do I care about the legacy of the human race? I’m more bothered that I don’t get to live a full and worthwhile life. That’s what seems unfair to me. I felt like I was just getting the hang of it, you know? Existence. There was all this unhappiness and pain and then I found you, or you found me, or something like that…and suddenly everything was good. Although, you know, all the smiling was starting to hurt. So at least that’s something.


It’s stupid, you know? I spent such a long time not knowing what I wanted, or who I wanted. Or, rather, to be more precise, wanting a whole range of people that I couldn’t be with anyway. None of it made any sense. All it did was hurt, most of the time. I spent an extremely large amount of my life just feeling confused. And then you came along, and, sure, it took time…it took a lot of getting to know each other…but since we finally met…you know…properly met…it feels like everything has changed. Mostly, things have stopped hurting. Yes, I hate not being able to see you every day, but, you know, in the grand scheme of things that hurts so little compared to the way that everything used to hurt so very much, all of the time. The most important thing, the thing that’s really taken me by surprise, I guess, is that I just want you. Only you. I wasn’t expecting that…

But now it’s all ending, the world is crumbling around us. The final days of the human race. What a bloody waste. And it’s all so unfair. I was happy, dammit!

So, there you have it, these are my last words. The last words of anybody. It’s doubtful that anyone will ever read them. Maybe some alien archaeologist one day. Who knows?

And I suppose…if it’s my last chance to say it…

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Ian Sharman
Ian is a freelance writer and artist. He founded Orang Utan Comics Studio with Peter Rogers in 2006, writes for their Eagle Award Nominated anthology Eleventh Hour and regularly inks for Panini’s Marvel Heroes comic.
Ian Sharman

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