The give it up girl

If I knew how to play a guitar, I’d totally play one. Don’t you think if I could sing, it’s all I’d ever do? I thought I could play the drums, until that one night when I’d had too many Pabst Blue Ribbons and the leader singer of that band that I love asked me to get onstage, “Show us what you got, kid”.

I ain’t got shit.

I dropped some beats on the snare that didn’t sound like beats at all, clanged the symbols and then when all else quite obviously failed, I tried to double kick my way out of the whole fucking mess.

It’s now glaringly clear to me that I’ll never, not ever, be in a band.

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I'm a single mother, a design blog junkie, an aspiring interior designer and a hopeless romantic who is in love with pretty much everything.

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