I Don’t Usually Do This

His name was Sean Pen and her name was Robyn Wright. Only one was aware of the strange coincidence as they fell into her bed, having sex for the third time that night, because only one knew the others’ last name.

“Hi, I’m Sean Pen. Like the actor, but with one n.”

He’d introduced himself with the confidence of a man who knew the line had worked at least once.

Well, tonight’s your lucky night, buddy. It’s gonna work again. Though, I’m not really being picky.

Robyn had left the house with only one deal breaker: no bad breath. As they sat at the bar trading the usual exchange – what do you do, where are you from, got any kids – she noticed his breath smelled like pineapple. She usually didn’t get down with men drinking fruity drinks, but there was that whole not being picky thing.

After a few rounds he kept commenting on how exotic she was. This was nothing new. Many men couldn’t get over the mocha complexion and green eyes that represented both her Italian father and Black mother, especially white men. It’s like they thought she’d taste differently or something.

He was busy telling her about some software he’d developed when she surprised him.

“Want to go to my place?”

After the first time, in that moment when the moans and dirty whispers are mere seconds ago, he seemed to remember that she had neighbors.

“Do you think we were too loud?”

The blood was still rushing to her head and she had to lift it from hanging off the edge of the mattress to answer. “We were fine.”

“Well, you were pretty… enthusiastic.”

Robyn raised up on her elbows and lifted her pelvis upwards indicating he should get off of her. He didn’t get the hint and instead rested his sweaty forehead against hers. This struck her as intimate and that’s not what this was about.

“Could you….”

She nodded her head to the left twice and he finally rolled in that direction, taking most of the sheets with him. They were nice sheets, but not her nicest. She made sure to remove those before she left the apartment that evening. He reached over and placed a hand on her thigh. She removed it.

“You were great. Just amazing.”

Robyn wondered if she was supposed to fill the silence with compliments of her own, but she wasn’t going to. She checked the digital clock on the nightstand.

1 a.m.

She’d miscalculated.

“Do you mind if I get something to drink? Some water or something?”

“Help yourself.”

Sean walked naked from the bedroom, a move Robyn also found too intimate. She wrapped one of the sheets around her own naked form and walked in the opposite direction to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and got down on all fours, lowering her head to the cold tile. She pressed her ear against the checkered pattern and listened.

A moment later, Sean knocked on the door and Robyn rose, flushing the toilet before pulling the door open. He stood in the doorway naked, his brown hair still wet and matted against his forehead. He offered her a half empty bottled water.


She’d swap bodily fluids, but she wasn’t drinking after him. She took the bottle and tossed it behind her into the bathroom sink.

“Actually, I’m feeling a little… enthusiastic.”

Robyn grabbed a handful of his hair and turned his head to the side. She began kissing and nibbling on the side of his neck. And that was how the second time began.

After the third time, Robyn knew she could no longer prolong the sharing portion of the night. There were only but so many “Oh my God, you were amazings” and “I’ve never been with anyone like yous,” she could take.

I really know how to pick ’em. Can’t just hit-it-and-go.

Sean felt the need to confess that he kinda had a girlfriend, but that things had been really bad between them lately.

“What about you?”

Are we really going to do this?

As he lay on his side, gently stroking her bare waist, and looking at her with genuinely interested eyes, she realized they were, indeed, going to do this.

“I just broke up with someone.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“What happened?”

“He took me for granted and I got tired of it.  Never listened. Never put me first. Made me feel awful about myself. I used to be kind of fat.”

“No way.  Are you serious? You’re smoking hot!”

“Thank you.”

Robyn looked at Sean as he looked at her like she might very well be the most beautiful girl in the world. He seemed like a good egg. She almost felt guilty.

“I bet he’s sorry. Nothing sucks more than breaking up with someone and then finding out they got all hot and shit.”

“Oh, there are some things that suck more. Like… meeting some guy in a bar, taking him home, and screwing his brains out.”

Sean chuckled.

“You’re gonna tell him?”

“Don’t have to. He lives downstairs.”

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