As I slept

You kissed me as I slept last night
Your sweet breath lingered in the air
Your scent awakening my senses
Your soft lips tracing my chin as your fingers traced my nose

I smiled and nuzzled my face in your chest
Oh, how I’ve missed you, I thought
So often you have invaded my world with the thought of yours
And now you are here and I know such comfort
I am so thankful I waited so long, for I have been given so much

My arms wrapped around the pillow
Where I had thought you had just been
Confusion resides only for a moment as reality stirs
My room is dark with the only sound being that of my own breath

And the reality of the moment sets in…

That within that dark, wasn’t the presence of you, but only the impression of my arms on a pillow

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I'm a single mother, a design blog junkie, an aspiring interior designer and a hopeless romantic who is in love with pretty much everything.

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