A Karaoke Face-Off of Epic Proportions

It only lasted a second, maybe, but I saw fear in that primate’s eyes when Wolfman busted through the door.  Apeman obviously figured he had the bitch in the bag.  And why shouldn’t he?  Seriously, when that hairy bastard takes the stage, the place just goes nuts.  You really have to see it…  Anyway, a lycanthrope in the club clearly changes things and Apeman’s no fool.  He knows a contender when he sees one.

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Brina Blank was conceived in a van about two miles downwind from the San Onofre nuclear power plant, during the late 1970s. Currently, she resides in a small two bedroom apartment with her partner, one child, two dogs, and six fish of various species. She enjoys dark humour, expensive sheets, and frottage.

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