Writing To

You’re writing to an author with a
Crooked smile and
A book of rhymes
You use your best paper
But you don’t expect a reply

Your best friends don’t have time for letters
And your girlfriend
She is busy finding
Different excuses
Not to come over tonight

But it’s okay
Because I told you so
Standing in doorways
With nowhere else to go

Your parents they don’t understand and
Your sister she just
Sits and laughs at
Your sorry eyes
They don’t know

You haven’t been to school in ages
Your teachers they are
Bored of you
Always questioning
The things they do

But you’re okay
Because you told me so
Hiding in shadows
With nowhere you want to go

I’m going to find a way to really get through to you
I’m going to tell you all the things I’m feeling too
I’m just like you

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