Summer Is Your Last Chance

I look at the reflection, but don’t recognise it as my own face. It’s too distorted, parts large and distended and others small and withered. I stare at it for a while, trying to reconcile it with the image I have of myself.

News from South Carolina United Methodist Camps and Retreat Ministries

This summer is your last chance to stay in our faithful Ridgetop and Village cabins. Don’t miss it. Come join the fun.…/1102076635666.html – CachedSimilar

I run my hand through my hair and most of it comes out. Most of what’s left anyway. I considered wearing a wig but I couldn’t find any, and at this point it would only make me stand out.

And this summer is your last chance to watch Olympic baseball and softball for at least eight more years. Former Chinese gymnast Li Ning lights the Olympic…/t989326.htm – CachedSimilar

Our stocks of tinned food have almost run out. I don’t know what we’ll do after they’re gone, but we may not have to face that problem. Everything I eat has to be liquidised first, now that my teeth are gone.

Book Ocean Village cruises departing within the next few months

Don’t forget that this summer is your last chance to sail the Mediterranean with Ocean Village Two so book today to secure your place.…/departing-soon?…cr… – CachedSimilar

Every night I have the same dream, the same image- the mushroom cloud blooming over the horizon. I seem to be sleeping more than ever, often up to fifteen hours a day. It will be my birthday in three weeks. If I last that long.
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