Perhaps the most infamous of the ‘new naive’ art movement of the early nineties, Bertrand Jean-Jacques Costello was known more for the the number of decapitations he performed than for his artwork. However, there is much of interest in his work even to a layman. His piece ‘Bed’ provides a perfect example. At first glance one might find oneself thinking ‘a child could have drawn that.’ And as investigations by the Sunday Times art section revealed, it actually was a child who drew it. Costello had in fact produced very little of his work, preferring instead to get his paperboy to ghost it all for him. To some this may seem like an act of fraud. However, as Costello claimed during his defense, “I never actually said I drew it.’ And it is this blurring between what we assume to be true, and what actually is true, that makes his work so exciting. His forthcoming exhibition ‘Stop Touching Me’, in which the work may or may not be by his own hand, promises to be the most exciting art event of the year.

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