Future Shocks: Aliens & Gold (a script)

Page 1

Panel 1: POV from Earth – the vast emptiness of space. The moon sits heavy in its orbit as an armada of space vessels travels around it heading for Earth.

CAPTION It had always been expected.

Panel 2: London. Huge ships hover above the city, harmless beams cutting a wide swathe across the streets, buildings, and people within the city.

CAPTION Despite that, their arrival was disconcerting for most.

Panel 3: On one of the ships, which has landed. Its hatch is open, revealing a trio of grotesque, bulbous aliens – two adults and one child. The apparent leader speaks.

CAPTION If we’d understood them better . . . let’s just say things might have turned out different.

ALIEN #1 Greetings, inhabitants of Earth.

Panel 4: From above and behind the spaceship, an array of tanks and soldiers has their weapons leveled at the alien vessel and its occupants.

ALIEN #1 Our ship’s system assimilated your language. We mean you no harm. Put away your weapons.

Panel 5: On #10 Downing Street, words balloons tail from within the Prime Minister’s residence.

CAPTION I wish to speak with your leader.

(from within) Daddy, me hungry.

ALIEN #1 (from within) Yes, just a minute.

Panel 6: Inside #10. The same three aliens are standing before the PM’s desk. They do not seem made for sitting. The PM also stands as he speaks with them. Aides (at least 3) stand around the edges of the room.

PRIME MINISTER Can we get you anything to eat before starting?

ALIEN #1 No. Your sustenance does us no good. We transmute base elements to provide us with energy.

ALIEN #1 But we are not here for that.

Panel 7: On the alien as he speaks directly to the Prime Minister

ALIEN #1 We are here to save you from yourselves.

ALIEN #1 For a price.

Page 2

Panel 1: On the Prime Minister, who is noticeably taken back. Around him, other government officials are more incensed at the aliens’ demands than he.

ALIEN #1 (off) We will need gold.

OFFICIAL #1 Our gold?

OFFICIAL #2 How much?

OFFICIAL #3 Out of the question!

ALIEN #1 (off) Without that we cannot proceed.

Panel 2: Reverse POV to the alien. Behind it two guards have dropped their rifles to a firing position.

ALIEN #1 In exchange we can help reverse the climatological disaster you have set in motion. And help you prosper in ways unimagined.

Panel 3: On a bank of television screens in the window of a downtown shop. The alien’s face is on every screen. He has a big smile crossing it.

ALIEN #1 And know we are broadcasting this worldwide. Consider that
in your deliberations.

Panel 4: Photo op. in front of the Palace of Westminster where the P.M. and the head alien shake hands/tentacles to seal their agreement.

CAPTION Parliament didn’t care for the aliens’ offer, but political expediency dictated their response.

Panel 5: Aliens look over the shoulders of Britons as they work in new, safer energy plants. The facility should be familiar, but have an alien quality to it.

CAPTION There were immediate benefits – clean fuels, efficient waste recycling, economical solar batteries, plus ancillary jobs.

Panel 6: Government officials are standing on a balcony looking down on happy throngs in the street.

CAPTION But something unanticipated occurred.

Page 3

Panel 1: POV of the government officials from previous page. We can now see that the people in the street are holding signs honoring and praising the aliens.


Panel 2: On the government officials at the balcony

OFFICIAL #2 What the hell is this?

OFFICIAL #3 It appears, Cyril, they are celebrating the aliens.

Panel 3: On OFFICIAL #2, who is incensed.

OFFICIAL #2 Why? We’re the ones paying them for all of this!

OFFICIAL #3 Yes. But with the quick fix this technology has dropped into their laps, most have forgotten our contribution.

Panel 4: On a desolate moor with an ancient castle looming out of the fog. A procession of three or four large dump trucks are rolling toward the fortification. The conversation continues over this and the next image with TAILLESS BALLOONS.

OFFICIAL #2 That won’t do.

OFFICIAL #2 We’ve had to make sacrifices.

OFFICIAL #3 I know Cyril.

Panel 5: close in on the trucks, gold bars are stacked in the truck beds. TAILLESS BALLOONS CONTINUE.

OFFICIAL #2 And at this rate, little will be left in the coffers by year’s end. What happens when others find that out?

Panel 6: Back with the officials. One who had been quiet and in the back during this whole debate now speaks.

OFFICIAL #4 I agree. Something needs to be done.

Page 4

Panel 1: On the same castle, but it’s at night. There are lights in some of the windows, but other than that there is no sign of life.


Panel 2: Closer in. It is now evident, by the light of the full moon, that there is a wave of armored military vehicles approaching the castle.

CAPTION Fear can incite humanity to feats of great achievement

CAPTION Or of great stupidity.

Panel 3: Interior of the castle. ALIEN #1 and his CHILD are talking as they look down over a room full of gold bars.

ALIEN CHILD Daddy. Me hungry.

ALIEN #1 Yes, I realize that. And I know it can be difficult.

Panel 4: EXT. Castle. Missiles have been fired and are approaching the stone walls of the castle. The aliens’ conversation continues, balloons trailing from inside the castle.

ALIEN #1 But we must practice restraint with our urges.

Panel 5: As the missiles impact the castle, a giant explosion ignites the night.


Panel 6: Same shot, but the fire is dissipating as a huge cloud of smoke coils around the castle and rises into the night sky.


Page 5

Panel 1: Pull back from final panel of Page 4 so that the armored vehicles are in the foreground. In the background the smoke has seeped away to reveal the castle still standing, apparently unharmed.

BALLOON #1 (from tank) Aw, hell!

BALLOON #2 (from tank) Fire! Fire! Fire at will!

Panel 2: INT. CASTLE. Alien #1 is looking out the window at the military firing madly. His son is behind him, trying to look out the tiny slit of a window.

ALIEN CHILD What is it, Daddy?

ALIEN #1 The humans think to eliminate us. They cannot.

ALIEN #1 But we can hurt them.

Panel 3: Morning at the Castle. The ground is decimated, while the castle is still unharmed.

CAPTION Greetings, humans. You have shown us that you care not for what we have to offer.

Panel 4: On a TV set in someone’s living room as Alien #1 speaks. The family is huddled around the image.

ALIEN #1 We will gorge in preparation of the journey once again before us.

Panel 5: On the Castle. Military vehicles and long black cars are stationed outside the castle as a huge mothership (larger than the original ships) hovers above it all.

CAPTION And then we will leave.

Panel 6: CU on one of the black cars. Two “men in black” stand beside it.

MAN #1 Once that ship’s out of sight, we go in.

MAN #2 Yes, sir.

Panel 7: INT. CASTLE. A procession of these “men in black” make their way into the dungeon of this castle. It is dark, foreboding, but they are intent as they move forward.


Panel 8: On the men as they enter a well-lit dungeon, shock and fear on their faces. Over the shoulder of one at the door is a small note card, not quite legible from this vantage point.

MAN #1 Aw, hell. Where’s the damn gold?

Panel 9: CU on note card, with the man’s shoulder coming in just off panel to give it context. On the note card is printed:



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