George London

George is freelance at stuff, which means he’s a musician, project manager, quality controller, hack-writer, traveler and internet addict with Obsessive Compulsive [but Lazy] Disorder (OCLD). His ultimate ambition is to have a Wikipedia entry for first diagnosing the condition Obsessive Compulsive [but Lazy] Disorder.

Recently he has begun to wonder when this midlife crisis started and whether it’s going to end, whether talking in the third person will eventually catch on in the real world, whether anyone else has deliberated quite so long over posting their first Elephant Words image, and whether in general people are happy to accept the Oxford Comma. Also, since his birthname is what appears on the properly released albums and singles he’s played on, he is beginning to wonder whether he should quit using his accidental internet name or adopt it wholesale on his new passport application.


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