Alex Dawson

Born in Southampton in 1976 Alex grew up during the heady days of Margaret Thatcher’s sadly misunderstood attempt to create a Socialist Utopia.

Stand up comedy, screenwriting and acting are just three of the areas that Alex has managed to make little or no impact on during the last 15 years.

He spends too much time reading comics, watching films and being angry. When he finally dies the cause is unlikely to be an under vented spleen.

If he becomes a father he hopes to name his firstborn Hitchcock Hemmingway Lumet Dawson, or Schadenfreude if it’s a girl.

Anyone interested in sarcasm, geekiness, screenwriting and politics might want to follow @acsdawson on Twitter.
Anyone with an active social life, a degree of contentment or anything better to do might not want to follow @acsdawson on Twitter.

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