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There’s Always Someone New For It

When they first arrived, slipping in between cracks and fissures, sliding under doors and past hinges, it was as though they’d been here forever. You’d see them on the street, all shimmer and stop-motion, but you wouldn’t stop yourself to stare. There were always those

The Morning After by David Baillie

A Time Past Goodbye

Something about the way she said it. A broken window, the fractured geometry of shattered glass. She said I was to leave. I was to be gone by the time that she returned. To take my shit and leave. Those were her words. She didn’t

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Things Found on a Beach

It’s not complicated. At that age their eyes swivel in whichever direction he wants them to look. Heads turn. It doesn’t take much – just a little point and a little paint. At the end of the day they’re satisfied. Legs crisscrossed under them, great

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Foreman and Son, Family Butcher

Now, Barry Foreman knew it, and didn’t like to talk about it. After all, it was none of his business what went on up there. The belch and billow of the stack wasn’t his concern, not now, not ever. He was the butcher, and he

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This Is My Day

This is my city. The breaths of bad air and the beating heart of crawling engines. Car horns barking blared greetings and warnings. The rustle of restless litter and the gunshot symphony of a thousand doors slamming. The scream of neon under smog shrouding. A

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On The Other Side Of The Street

Old stone has a smell about it. A deep, rich smell of lichen and loam. It gets into you, if you’re not careful. And you haven’t been careful, have you? I can see that from here. You’ve started looking shabby, just like your family always

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Full Service

Very generally, moving from the left to right, these are the acceptable utensils for a dinner party. Table cloths should be of a single, light colour. 1. Napkin 2. Salad fork 3. Mayo scissors 4. Dinner fork 5. Burr drill 6. Tenaculum 7. Dessert fork