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A Peaceful Place

The voice tells me to close me eyes and imagine myself in a calm place, somewhere peaceful, somewhere I feel safe. I see myself on a beach. It’s sunset and I walk along the shoreline picking up shells. When it starts to get dark I

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Running Away With Itself

I sit at my desk, watching people walk through the heavy glass doors. People coming in, people going out. Sometimes, I make up stories about these people. For instance, that man there, muttering to himself in an agitated manner – he’s actually wearing a tiny

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Stage Left

‘Stand very still.’ There was a clicking sound as the door closed behind me. I crossed the room and took my place. ‘Stand very still.’ I held my sword up above my head, as though poised to strike. My opponent, standing a few feet away,

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I was standing under a long archway, with bright lights at either side. I was staring down at the ground, my head feeling heavy and my eyes tired. Vaguely aware that I was dreaming, I forced myself to look up. I saw a woman walking away

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Maybe You Wonder Where You Are

I walked out this morning. It’s something I’ve often imagined doing, but never really thought I would. At home, at work, wherever. Just getting up and walking out. And today…today I did it. The only thing is, I didn’t pay much attention to where I

"Saturday Night" by Suzi Rose


You did not know me. The day had begun like any other. Waking up with a faint feeling of dread. Wishing I could pull the bedcovers back over my head and retreat back into the safety of sleep. As always, I spent a few minutes