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X Over Maximus

Optimaximus slapped The Japester in the back of his head with a gigantic metalic hand. ‘Shut the frak up ya green haired Niding-schlong!’ The Japester cackled. This was because he had sustained a very seriouse brain injury and would now be a dribbling Niding-schlong for

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There was a family at one of the tables celebrating the son’s birthday. He was about ten, and was celebrating his increase in age by being louda nd annoying. The other restaurant customers where ignoring him, but the sexy waitress who was serving their table

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Olaf’s Special Friend

I once have a friend called Olaf Who’s sister looked like a giraff She love fish and chips And have huge big wobble  fat hips And for some reason she farts whenever I laugh Simon also has friend called Agnette Who’s name I always forget