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Photo taken by Pearl Grey

Igneus Intrusion

Hank’s thumbs hooked forward on his waist, his elbows sticking out like a trussed turkey. “I don’t care any more,” he said. “Just picked one.”

Asian Elephant by Tomo Yun

The Elephant in the Room

The sheen of sweat, the loud voice, the aggressive motions of his hands and feet would have been enough to make his three sons hang back, but the sight of the thing in the center of the museum’s Animals of India rotunda clinched their paralysis.

“Come on, isn’t she awesome? You can ride her!” their father pitched, his body jerking and twitching.

21/06/2015 Image by George London


The people who got “just what they needed” in that Twilight Zone¬†episode didn’t have to explain to the CIA, MI6 , Interpol, and Scotland Yard, why it was they got “what they needed” at just the right moment before something very bloody and violent happened.

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Peggy Mercedes typed a little, rotated her seat, glanced at her client, swung back to the computer screen and typed some more. “Could you give me your class, OMI, and serial number again?” This time she turned her head only and gazed steadily at the

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“The Goddess managed things for half a million years and then this upstart god comes along and says he can do better, so She decides to teach him a lesson, so She says, ‘Okay.’ ¬†So the god and men rebuild the world in their image,