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I was trying to find a photograph of Ellie taken after the accident but the closest I could find was one of her shadow, her arm stretching down at her side, fingers stretched out of shape. It was three months before she let me take

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Feel The Magic

Even porn gets boring after a while, especially when you’re surrounded by it. I’d been working in a sex shop in the red light district of Amsterdam for six months, and feeling like I never wanted to see a close up insertion again as long

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Beer And Meat

This is a true story. There are a lot of stories I could tell about Ben. I could talk about the night he moved in, when he got lost on the way to the house and ended up in a graveyard at 5 in the

"The Fence" by Monk Eastman

Dreaming Of A Better Life

In cheap fiction, private detectives wear trench coats, smoke unfiltered cigarettes, keep a bottle in the office drawer and solve murders. In reality they wear faded anoraks, have bronchial asthma, masturbate frequently and mainly handle divorce cases.

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The Brother From Another Mother

His name was Kevin, and I last saw him two years ago, at his eighth birthday party. It was a warm summer day, so we were outside in the garden. Kevin was running around with his friends, and my father was stood near the house